Pooh was right! It's Windsday!!! It's crazy windy here today. Yesterday was pretty good too, but today is blow over the empty trashcans and send them skittering down the street wind.

Today I work 4-7:30, then help teach the adult beginner class. Oof. I really like working with this class, though, so it's good. Yesterday I got to help in the tot beginner class for the first time, and that went well. I remember doing part of a tot class last year and being petrified. Monday I did a tiny bit with the green belt kids, but not much. Office part is overflowing with work. The three days this week, we;ve had 3 introductory packages ($49 for 4 weeks, plus gi); 1 or 2 basic enrollments, and one basic that upgraded to black belt club. Plus I'm behind in checking the billing report. So floor or desk, I am hopping.

I don't remember if I even said about last weekend, but we unexpectedly ran a booth at a local home & product show in town. It was really good for us - we did a kids' demo saturday and sunday, and an adult demo sunday. Got a lot of intros set up. But because Mr S was there all day Saturday, nic and I did the two sparring classes and three sets of personal lessons by ourselves. aaah!!! It was 1:15 before I even BLINKED.

And this weekend?? We do it again! Mr S has to go run a graduation at another studio, so its the two of us again. Plus Ethan assits the first sparring class. We might get a third person to help, but yeah.

I'm happy to get the floor time. I'm acutely aware of this being my last year in training.

Then all this journal stuff yesterday. It was very spur of the moment, in case you were wondering what triggered this move, but I think I'll be glad for it.



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