Pierced earrings:

Silvertone metal with red bead dangles, $4.00:
EAR red dangles.JPG

Chartreuse beads, $3.00:
EAR chartreuse.JPG

Clear bead and clear with blue/green tint, $3.00:
EAR crystal bluegreen.JPG

Dark green and clear, $3.00:
EAR green clear.JPG
Matches necklace in next section.


21 1/2" Faux pearl beads, clear faceted beads, red tube beads and iridescent red beads with barrel clasp, $13.00:
NKL red clear.JPG

Additional pics )

21 1/2" Filigree-style metal pendant with pink crystal accents suspended from necklace of clear pink facted beads, clear grooved round beads, and "spring" metal tube beads with clear spacers, barrel clasp, $16.00:
NKL pink wire.JPG

Additional pics )

23" Three mis-matched dark green bead dangles with clear bead and silver spacers hanging from necklace of dark green cubes, green rounded tube beads, faceted clear beads, silver spacers, barrel clasp, $15.00:
NKL green.JPG

Additional pics )

23" Teardrop optic gray pendant suspended from necklace of long gray optic beads, lighter gray round beads, faux pearls and dark gray spacers, barrel clasp, $16.00:
NKL gray oval closeup.JPG

Additional pics )

22" Cloudy sky blue beads, silvertone flared tube beads, white and sky blue spacers, barrel clasp, $13.00:
NKL turq white.JPG

Additional pics )

21" Dark gray metal faceted tube beads, flared silvertone tube beads, faceted clear barrel beads, barrel clasp, $13.00:
NKL metal tubes 2.jpg

Additional pics )

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Jewelry Listings

Also, please feel free to share this post :-) I'd appreciate the signal boost very much! Thank you!
Pierced Earrings:

Black matte beads with white marks, white spacers, $5.00:
NKL black white marks.jpg

Wire circle with hearts with blue beads, $5.00:
EAR wire herat blue bead.jpg

More Pierced Earrings Here! )

17 1/2" White/Pink/Green Glass Leaf Choker, $14.00:
NL leaf.jpg
close-up )

22" Necklace with enameled gray/white beads, hematite beads, clear gray barrel beads, silvered clear faceted beads, silver tube beads, and silver spacers, $20.00:
NKL gray texture 2.jpg
more pics )

19 1/2" Necklace, Silver Foiled beads with black & dark red stripes, dark red beads, silver beads and black spacers, $16.00:
NKL stripy.jpg
more pics )
Jewelry listings!

Pierced earrings: )


22 1/2" Orange optic beads with antiqued silver barrel beads with sunburst-style pendant, barrel clasp, $13.00:
Read more... )

20" Tiger Eye beads and oval pendant with silver squares and clear spacers, lobster claw clasp, $14.00:
Read more... )

Turquoise cubes, grooved silvery metal tube beads, and black spacers -
Earrings and 21" Necklace Set, $16.00:
Read more... )
In the hopes of making some cash, as it's a little scarce at the moment, I'm going to be selling some things, including more of the jewelry I've made. I'm listing things here first, then the handmade things on Etsy. I'd prefer not to deal with eBay. (I used to love it and did it for a few years, but it's just a pain now.) Comment or PM me if there's anything you're interested in, and I'll figure shipping. All payments via Paypal unless we discuss otherwise.

In this post are some ladies' tops, size medium, and several pairs of earrings.

Karen Scott tops, size medium )

Pierced Earrings )

Necklaces )



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